Does It Hurt?

Yes and no! It hurts enough that you don’t WANT to get hit, but it doesn’t hurt enough to stop most people from playing. However, we even have adult groups who decide to play low impact paintball instead of traditional paintball. The hit from a low impact paintball is very small!

Is Paintball Safe To Play?

It’s very safe! Statistically speaking its very safe with only 0.2 injuries annually per 1,000 players. That compares very well to tennis (1.1), ice hockey (3.7), soccer (2.4), and even running (0.6)! ( source: American Sports Data Inc. 2003). Additionally, PiG has a trained staff that will monitor players on the field during every game. And every player has to go through our safety briefing process. Safety is our number one priority.

Do We Play With Other People?

At PiG we mix in as one big group. However, if you are playing with the low impact or splatmaster guns you will only mix in with other groups using those same guns. It’s always more fun to play with a larger group. But if you want to play only with the players you bring please let the staff no ahead of time and we can make accommodations for you!

How Many Paintballs Do I Need?

400 paintballs will last an hour and a half to two hours of play. Some kids shoot more, most NEVER shoot less : )

Do I Need To Bring A Gun Or A Mask?

No you don’t, we provide everything!

Can I Bring My Own Gun?

Yes you can. The guns speed has to be under 280 fps, and the firing mode has to be in semi. We also only offer HPA fills; we don’t fill CO2

Can I Bring My Own Paintballs?

No. Only the paintballs we sell can be used at our field. Anyone caught using paintballs not purchased at our field will be asked to leave without a refund.

Do Paintballs Stain?

Our paintballs do not stain. The paint will wash out 100% However, you will be playing in the woods and around other obstacles. Wear appropriate clothing.

What Should I Wear?

We always recommend comfortable clothing for outdoor activities. If you can wear long sleeves and long pants it will also not make the impact of the paintball hurt as bad! Always wear comfortable, closed toe shoes.

Do You Allow Alcohol?

No. Alcohol is not allowed on the premises.

Can I Bring Food And Drink In?

Yes. You can bring any food and drinks in that you like. We have a grill in the picnic area; and there are pizza delivery places as well. PiG also has drinks and snacks for sale.