What Type of Paintball?


PIG offers two different forms of paintball in addition to traditional paintball. These two forms are “The SplatMaster Program” and “Low Impact Paintball”. Both of these two forms of paintball still hurt a little, but not near as much as traditional paintball!

SplatMaster program

We recommend this form of paintball for kids 7-9 years of age. There are two ways that the SplatMaster Guns drastically decrease the “pain” when the kids get hit with a paintball. First, The SplatMaster guns are operated by a spring as opposed to compress air. While the guns wont shoot the paintballs as far the impact is a lot less. Next, the paintballs themselves are a lot smaller therefore they don’t hurt as bad. My six year old loves playing with the SplatMaster guns!

Low Impact Paintball

We recommend this form of paintball for kids 7-14 years of age. The only difference in low impact paintball and traditional paintball is the size of the paintball itself. The paintball itself is about half the size of a normal paintball. A low impact paintball will travel almost as far as a normal paintball but since its a lot smaller it does not hurt nearly as bad as a normal paintball can.

Traditional Paintball

A traditional paintball is a .68 caliber ball. While it does not hurt very bad if you are more then 100 feet away it can be a little painful if you are closer. The minimum age to play this type of paintball is 10 years old. As a parent you have to decide when they are ready to play traditional paintball. If the child is 12 or less we definitely recommened they try the low impact paintball game first. We do not want any kids to play traditional paintball, get hit by the ball, and never want to play again. While this isn’t the norm, some kids (and adults) don’t like paintball because they got hit to close or played somewhere where the guns velocity wasn’t check properly. We want everyone to LOVE paintball!